Together we will…

Doing the basics brilliantly Do the basics brilliantly

  • Strengthen our existing research capability and improve research quality.
  • Activate our full research potential by creating strategies and structures for organising research activity, supporting academics to complete PhDs and implementing a comprehensive research program.
  • Nuture a student-centred culture by providing excellent supervision to enhance the experience of Higher Degree Research students.
  • Develop a Distinguished Professors Program to attract world-class academics and expand research positions in growing areas.

Emerging Areas of Strength Build emerging areas of strength

  • Focus on our areas of strength through our research institutes:​
    • Integrate Gulbali Institute with Agripark to create an ecosystem to bring together research and partnerships; and​
    • Continue the establishment of the Rural Health Research Institute (RHRI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cyber Futures Institute.​
  • Build lasting partnerships and international networks for investing in meaningful and innovative research, education and commercial products or services through:​
    • Developing the Gulbali-Agripark ecosystem to take innovative research to commercialisation.​
    • Working with the Office of Engagement and Enterprise to form partnerships for investing in our research institutes.

Develop a First Nations Research Strategy that enables and promotes research led by First Nations Peoples.​

Plan for the future Plan for the future

  • Identify the research capability to establish a Yindyamarra Democracy Project and Regional Governance Project.

What we will do over the next three years

Woven through the entire strategy is a commitment to improve First Nations education, research and engagement and to drive shared ownership for outcomes. Learn more about our reconciliation journey.


Learn more about what we will do for our students.


Learn more about how we will lift our research impact.


Learn more about how we will support our people.

Social responsibility
Social Responsibility

Learn more about how we will drive prosperity for all.

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