Social Responsibility

Together we will…

Doing the basics brilliantly Do the basics brilliantly

  • Implement a First Nations Strategy across the university.
  • Create a digital ‘front door’ to streamline how our partners collaborate and innovate with us.
  • Implement the Reflect and Innovate Reconciliation Action Plans.

Emerging Areas of Strength Build emerging areas of strength

  • Embed connection with our alumni to extend the value of the Charles Sturt experience.​
  • Build the business, financial and reporting capabilities of our people.
  • Work together with our partners to drive economic and social wealth for our regions.​
  • Attract philanthropic investment by amplifying our vision and the positive impact we have on our regional communities and the globe.

Plan for the future Plan for the future

  • Prepare our campuses for the future by developing campus master plans promoting the uniqueness of each campus.
  • Build on our sustainability strengths by transitioning to renewables, enhancing energy and water efficiency, and building an electric vehicle roadmap. ​​
  • Strengthen our regions by becoming a leading voice in the development and growth of our communities.
  • Support the financial viability of the university through long-term financial planning. 

What we will do over the next three years

Woven through the entire strategy is a commitment to improve First Nations education, research and engagement and to drive shared ownership for outcomes. Learn more about our reconciliation journey.


Learn more about what we will do for our students.


Learn more about how we will lift our research impact.


Learn more about how we will support our people.

Social responsibility
Social Responsibility

Learn more about how we will drive prosperity for all.

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