Together we will…

Doing the basics brilliantly Do the basics brilliantly

  • Improve data analytics to better understand student needs and make more informed decisions about our current and future courses
  • Introduce a new learning management system
  • Implement a university-wide strategy to attract more students.
  • Simplify and streamline pathways to Charles Sturt for students
  • Design a Student Wellbeing Strategy that enhances our students’ experience.
  • Invest in workplace learning.
  • Establish a suite of First Nations pathway initiatives to increase participation across all course levels.
  • Focus on courses that improve key skills areas or address workforce challenges.

Emerging Areas of Strength Build emerging areas of strength

  • Attract more international students by opening a metro campus.
  • Champion a sector-leading support model for international students.
  • Establish a Teaching Excellence Academy to inspire quality and innovation in learning and teaching.
  • Expand the courses offered to regional international students.
  • Implement a new process for developing and delivering micro-credentials and short courses.

Plan for the future Plan for the future

  • Diversify and establish partnerships to build a sustainable international revenue stream.
  • Support the transformation of our systems by implementing five core platforms.
  • Develop a clear vision for the future of education through the Distinctive Learning Architectures project.

What we will do over the next three years

Woven through the entire strategy is a commitment to improve First Nations education, research and engagement and to drive shared ownership for outcomes. Learn more about our reconciliation journey.


Learn more about what we will do for our students.


Learn more about how we will lift our research impact.


Learn more about how we will support our people.

Social responsibility
Social Responsibility

Learn more about how we will drive prosperity for all.

Want to find out more?

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